Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It is a BEAUTIFUL spring!

So, in my four years in the great state of Florida, I have actually come to love and appreciate many things that I was worried about before I moved here. Namely, the humidity and hot weather. Granted it is April, and still absolutely perfect outside... but I must admit, I find myself becoming quite at home here! In the last week, I have gone to two of my happiest places on earth... First to the Tampa Bay Rays game! I'm not sure when they ditched the Devil part of there name, but I'm pretty sure it is gone. Here I got to sit in the grass (actually really impressive grass for Florida) in 75 degree PERFECT weather and take turns watching the hilarious children that were scattered around the hill and the baseball game. Baseball games remind me of Minnesota and summertime going to Twins games with my family and my dad teaching me to keep score and stats. Of course no ballgame is complete without a hot dog and nachos.

Second... I WENT BOATING! This picture is of me jumping into the mouth of an Alligator... or so I thought. :o) Boating and being in the water is truly the one thing that has made me happy since I was a baby. We spent the day skiing and wake boarding and barbecuing (we even bbq'd pineapple and corn!) and serving (pulling grass roots out of the lake so there was an area to swim) and soaking up the sun! So mostly, today I love Florida. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Best Medicine

A long, long time ago... back in the day when we roamed the halls of Farrer Middle School... I was introduced to a girl wearing plaid shorts and a purple shirt during a day long event called PHASE (Peers Helping Advance Self Esteem). Members of the same team... squad... group... whatever we were called... We were asked to perform a skit. Together, my new friend Mandy and I were the Sister Step Uglies. Halfway through the performance, Mandy tripped... loosing her contact and leaving us frantically searching (Mandy now practically blind) in front of all of our peers. This event marked the beginning of what 13 years later, is still a laugh attack.

Now to show you the reason we are still laughing... answer me this question, do you know anyone who has more dimples than Nathan Kolbaba? 
My day in Phoenix was spent all smiles... eating In n Out, seeing their great house and learning what Tilt-Up Construction is! Can't wait to go back!