Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A smattering...

Seven months... as the great Charlie Brown would say... good grief! Life is still wonderful in the currently very gorgeous state of Florida! Lets once again play catch up through picture fun! SO... basically this summer (yes meaning the summer of 2009) was filled with traveling and humidity.
Home to Utah. This is my dad - "Grandpa" - teaching Brooklyn how to putt. She would start running after the ball as soon as he hit it and stop it before it got to the hole. She is a great caddy if anyone is looking!

I turned 27! I got to spend the evening with great friends, including John Hauley, who shares my birthday! We went to California Pizza Kitchen and of course... saw Harry Potter. Then... on my actual birthday back in Florida... I did the EXACT same thing with my girls. Both pictures are below!

Utah - Birthday #1
Florida - Birthday #2

Three of my favorite women! I'm just adding this one for good measure!
I got scuba certified! This is one of the most incredible things... we went diving in the Keys and saw nurse sharks, beautiful coral and fish... and a jellyfish which I could have lived without. It is such an amazing experience to explore this world... once you get the whole neutral bouyancy down it is peaceful and therapuetic. Can't get enough!

Mom, dad, Matt and I met in Anaheim to run in the Disneyland 5K. It was SUCH fun! You get to run through Disneyland and California Adventure! Then we spend a few days going to the Parks... I love this shot of Matt!

And this one shows off his major chops he was sporting while we were there. They are gone now, but I documented the phase well!

Shelley was also there to run in the half marathon... over achiever. ;o) She did a great job, and while we waited for an hour at the finish line to cheer her on... she breezed right passed us and we missed her! We were waiting to cheer afterwards though and got to spend some time with her in the park!

Then, on our final day in California, Kimmy and her family met (and spoiled) us in San Clemente. It was a gorgeous day! We boogie boarded, laid in the sun and talked. It was such fun and SOO good to see Kimmy!

And this little face is still my favorite one on the planet. I took a few trips to Tennessee to visit Jackie and John and Brooklyn. Which... just as an fyi - Jackie is pregnant with their second, due in April. It is a little boy named Cooper Dean Douglas. I can't wait to meet him! AND... Jon got a great job in St. Louis, so they've been calling Missouri home for about a month now.

So, that takes us through September... and in an effort to self motivate, I'm going to do October - January by next week! I'm sure many of you are thinking, pretty lofty statement for you Jame... but I will do it! In true news fashion, I leave you with a teaser... Coming up in my next blog - Guest appearances by local Provo celebrities and a climate change you won't believe! Until next time... <3