Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everything is Rosie

To catch you all up, I decided to post 26 things that have happened in the last few months or just general happy news in honor of the big 26th birthday!
  1. Well, the first one must be that I have made it to the age of 26 and looking back I'm thinking things have gone pretty well so far!
  2. I can now make Peter Pan fly... I am teaching myself how to use Flash so I can get more into the web side of design.
  3. I have applied for a passport... possibilities are endless.
  4. I visited three new places! Which means they get to each be there own bullet... so this one is for ST. AUGUSTINE where we visited the Fountain of Youth... but THAT is another story.
  5. OREGON... where I thought of my good friend Rosie and got to spend time with the Nelson clan! We golfed (I need a golf viser), white water rafted, talent showed and enjoyed the beauty that is Oregon.

  6. and CHICAGO... where I ate deep dish pizza and walked till I dropped!
  7. I also went to Atlanta with my parents (not new, but still fantastic) where I saw the soon to be married Hillary Swanson, toured CNN and sprained my ankle right before watching the cool yet somewhat odd lazer show at Stone Mountain.
  8. I am an aunt to the most adorable 14 month old there ever was!
  9. My sister and her husband and the above perfect niece moved to Tennessee, putting them within a 9-hour car drive of me instead of 27!
  10. I learned to re-create the peanut butter bars that they used to sell in Junior High... do you remember???
  11. David Cook sang to me at American Idols Live on Tour 2008 - for those of you who want sneak peak...

  12. I wore a sombrero.

  13. I am studying to take the GRE and remembering how terrible I am at taking tests.
  14. I am considering the following life changes... moving to California and staying with Disney, going to grad school in Arizona or perhaps Salt Lake and most recently throwing it all away and pursuing a career in tennis.
  15. I played a wicked game of tennis in the hot Florida sun.
  16. I went to the dentist to get a fairly obscene amount of work done... in one visit while I was home in Utah.
  17. I bought postcards in Oregon for a few peeps and ACTUALLY mailed them. A few of you know how significant that truly is.
  18. I went to the brand new Whole Foods that they opened in Orlando... WAHOO!
  19. I created floral arrangements for a wedding.
  20. I went to see my fourth Cirque du Soleil show - Kooza - amazing!

  21. We brought back the always hilarious shakey face pictures! Starting a new tradition of taking one on all vacations. A few samples for those of you who haven't experienced shakey face. It is an art form.
  22. I sang in church.
  23. I officially fell off the caffeine wagon and enjoyed a bit of Dr. Pepper during my vacations... Nectar of the Gods its been called, and I won't argue.
  24. I registered to vote.
  25. I realized once again that the best things in my life for the last 26 years is ALL OF YOU!
  26. And last but not least... I finally updated my blog.


The Kemps said...

HAPPY, HAPPY birthday Jamie! I can't tell you how many FUN memories I have with you that I have been thinking about since last night. I'm proud of you for all your accomplishments! I hope that your day is filled with fun, laughter, cake, wishes that come true, and loved ones to share it with! This is your day so happy birthday to you!

FamilyKolbaba said...

If and when you move to Arizona, you will lose that beautiful tan, so keep that in mind. :) I'm glad July has been a rewarding month for you. I think July is a great month because you are older than I am for two whole days! That'll never get old!

Anonymous said...

I love to see that you're having so much fun! Good times. Happy Birthday to you. You're so gorgeous! Ah!!! I'm jealous, but the good kind of jealous not the, I want to beat you down jealous.

Lisa Lou said...

I've checked religiously to see if you've updated...and today I checked and you did! Happy birthday week! (sorry I'm late...) I'm studying for the GRE too! (well, officially start the prep class in September.) I miss you and your funniness and sparkliness.

biff and rosie said...

I didn't miss the reference. you are awesome.

k N d kuNz said...

i check your blog daily hoping you've updated it. i loved the list. yay. :)

Shelley Nicole said...

I liked that fun list, I will have the goal of being mentioned somewhere in there next time ;) You should have said, "I went to the new Whole Foods with SHELLEY, the bestest friend on the planet...soooooo glad I got to see her like twice this summer!" I would like to participate in this shakey face thing soon, i think I could do a good one. Speaking of postcards...well, i didn't get one so I must not be on the favorite list, BUT I was wondering if you got mine cuz I sent you one from Oregon. love you.

Troy & Katie Riley said...

Happy late birthday Jamie! You are beautiful! Your blog is totally making me go through Jamie withdrawls. I think you should move to SLC or Cali, because Troy and I frequently visit both and that would be cool. Hope all is well.

Lisa Meyer said...

Happy 26th Birthday! I loved the blog update.

Wilde Family said...

Wahoo! You've updated! It's so fun to see the new pictures of you and what you've been up to.It was fun to see your family too. I hope that you had a fun Birthday. I think that Brad and I will be coming up to Orlando soon, so you'll have to give me your phone number. Mine is 772-834-9950(cell). I can't wait to see you!

Amy said...

I found you! And you are adorable! And I love your 26 list. Everyone should have one of those. I think I'll start one right now... I'm sure I've done at least that many crazy things this year:)Love ya!

RSP said...

Wow! Sounds like you are doing it all. Welcome to 26!

Gwen Crockett said...

Hi Jamie,
I like your blog. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

Chad or Lisa Meyer said...

Jaime -- I don't have your email to send you a blog invite, I went private. Just click on my blog address that you have and it has my email on it.

The Porters said...

Yay Jamie! Happy Birthday although belated. It's great to hear about what's going on in your life. It all sounds good. I'm glad. :)

Much love as always,

k N d kuNz said...

isn't it about time for a new post, my friend...?