Thursday, June 11, 2009

Come sail away...

SO - first, I have to show you the result of living through a two week tropical depression - This was the view from our backyard once it finally stopped raining! Sometimes the beauties in this world just absolutely amaze me! While I loved the rain, it was a huge blessing that it stopped just in time for Al, Shell and Lisa to fly in for our cruise!

Life aboard the Disney Wonder for four wonderful days was nothing short of fantastic! We began our adventure in Port Canaveral - where you get your Key to the World Card and get to walk through a magical Mickey tunnel to board the ship. Let the picture taking begin!

Once on the ship, we made reservations for Palo's, ate our first meal and headed to deck 9 for the sail away party! One of the best parts about Disney Cruises is the fun entertainment - and the ships horn! "When you wish upon a star..." blasts into the air before you sail while Mickey and friends dance on stage. Once the sailing started, we spent four days eating way to much, riding scooters around Nassau, laying on rafts all day at Castaway Cay, singing Karoake, going to dance parties, seeing Up and Earth, playing ping pong, going to an early morning stretching class, ordering room service - it was all just amazing.

The first night on the ship we ate at Palo's, which was AMAZING (we may have ordered nine desserts)! We got our picture with the best Captain ever before dinner!

This was our first trip to the pool - well at least to the hot tub!

This is in Nassau - with the incredible ship behind us!

Scooters in Nassau! We all learned to drive, but Shell and I took the reigns around town. We drove them to the Atlantis Hotel where the next picture took place...

We won $22 with just 50 cents! Shelley would have probably won more, but I started dancing and screaming "cash out! cash out!"

Formal night on the ship!

These are the happy rafts we spent the day on in the water. Shell and Al had a big head start blowing theirs up, so a magical Cast Member named Adam from Australia who is a diver offered to blow up mine and Lisa's for us! He actually saved the day more than once - he also MADE an elastic for Ally when she lost hers in the water. Definitely a high point on the trip for me!

Isn't it gorgeous!

We were Pirates IN the Caribbean! We waited a while to get this picture with Captain Jack - he actually got quite stuck in that treasure chest, he sat in it about 5 families before us, and while they tried - he sure couldn't move through the rest of the pictures!The last night on the ship - we ate at Animator's Palette, saw Disney Dreams, danced, played shuffleboard on deck 4 while we sailed through the night - pretty much anything we could do to stay awake and enjoy our last night on the ship!

Getting off the ship on Thursday morning after a 6:30 a.m. breakfast! They sure will see us soon!!

SO many pictures and so many fun stories to choose from! It was a wonderful trip with wonderful people! I highly recommend sailing Disney style to anyone! The only hard part is adjusting to life on land!


Ryan and Amy Nelsen said...

Jamie!! What a fun trip! you look gorgeous! your hair is so long and beautiful!!
i just ran into shelly tonight at kelly clarkson at UVU! so fun to see her...but it has been too long since i have seen you:(
hope all is well in florida!!

Shelley Nicole said...

Oh little Dude :) Gosh I love you! I love these pictures! I love the stories! I love the memories! I love cruising with you! I love all things with you! "My life would suck without you!" ha ha! Miss you!

Amy said...

Man, I am jealous!! I am glad you had fun! I really want to come visit too.

Laura said...

Looks way fun! My friend just went on one of these cruises with her daughter. She said her 3-year-old loved it too.

John, Mica, and Little J said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! And way to go on your 5k in Disney! :) We miss you guys!

just said...
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